Okay, I’ll blog.

For a good two years now, it’s been on my ever-growing list to design a custom WordPress theme and relaunch my personal Website with it.   As it turns out, being a full-time Web content manager (for a newspaper company, no less) and a part-time journalism student isn’t exactly conducive to ample free time.   Then there’s the multitude of mini-projects on my plate any at given time.

strongICanHasBlogPosts?/strong  Who can say no to a dude with a kitten?

ICanHasBlogPosts: Who can say no to a dude with a kitten?

Admittedly, designing and relaunching my own Website isn’t quite an urgent matter.   I don’t need it to find a job or anything.   The one thing I’ve been itching to do is blog.   Seeing as how I’m in the middle of a major Web project at work (more details to come), half-way through a semester at Temple, and have promised my girlfriend to get her photography portfolio online by November, I might as well get a headstart on my blog here on WordPress.com, rather than the self-hosted version.

Leave it to WordPress to make it painlessly easy to migrate this blog to my own server once I’m ready.   So, no logistical worries there.   Thanks, WordPress.

Now, what is this blog going to be about?

Lest ADD get the best of me, I’ve decided to narrow it down to a few of my main interests: Web design/strategy, journalism, mass media and technology.   And, of course, all of their various intersections.   Other things you might catch me rambling about include politics, the Middle East, and music.

I figure the tech/media/Web angle is broad enough for me to write about regularly, but focused and inter-related enough to keep the attention of a few readers.   That is, after all, the whole point.

So, welcome.   Thanks for coming.  Feel free to leave a comment or two.    Keep an eye on this blog for a custom design and expanded, whiz-bang feature set… should I ever get around to it.


2 Responses to Okay, I’ll blog.

  1. tom4change says:

    I wasn’t the fact that your brother told you that his wordpress blog had just crossed like 10,000 hits at this time was it with no promotion at all. Is shameless self promotion between family a bad thing?

  2. Lauren says:

    thats it. its official. my cat is cuter than your cat.

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