Are tweets news?

Editor and Publisher’s Steve Outing was kind enough to post on his blog some thoughts I e-mailed him a few weeks ago in response to one of his E&P columns.

The original column in Editor & Publisher discussed the need for news organization to revise their definition of news, which, Outing suggest, should include the status updates from one’s friends on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

As I read Outing’s column, I realized that I personally tap the “Twitteriffic” icon on my iPhone almost as much as I tap the “Google Reader” or “NPR” icon. Yes, the majority of ‘tweets’ that come across my screen consists of “news” about my friends’ daily lives, but isn’t it news nonetheless?

In addition to the fact that a handful of my friends happen to be journalists, I also follow a few local news organizations on Twitter, further solidifying the micro-blogging service as a source of “news” in the traditional sense.

Social media is not only one potential avenue for the future of content, but, according to Advertising Age, advertisers are looking in that direction as well.

Check out Steve Outing’s blog for more daily insight into the state of newspapers and journalism.


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